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Exploring the personal and professional factors associated with student evaluations of tenure-track faculty

Tenure-track faculty members in the United States are evaluated on their performance in both research and teaching. In spite of accusations of bias and invalidity, student evaluations of teaching have dominated teaching evaluation at U.S. universities. However, studies on the topic have tended to be limited to particular institutional and disciplinary contexts. Moreover, in spite […] Lire la suite

Articles avec comité de lecture

The national system of researchers in Mexico: implications of publication incentives for researchers in social sciences

This article explores the effects of the Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI) on social science researchers’ scientific output and publication practices. SNI operates as a system of pecuniary bonuses for scientific activity; these are granted monthly and calculated according to a combination of an ex-post peer review with bibliometric assessment of researchers based on […] Lire la suite