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La longue route vers le libre accès au Canada

Vincent Larivière et Virginie Paquet livrent dans le Magazine de l’Acfas d’octobre une chornique dédiée au dossier «Les mesures de la recherche». Cette chroninique vise à mesurer l’importance de la diffusion en libre accès dans les institutions de recherche canadiennes, à partir de la base de données Lire la suite

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The Diverse Niches of Megajournals: Specialism within Generalism

Over the past decade, megajournals have expanded in popularity and established a legitimate niche in academic publishing. Leveraging advantages of digital publishing, megajournals are characterized by large publication volume, broad interdisciplinary scope, and peer‐review filters that select primarily for scientific soundness as opposed to novelty or originality. These publishing innovations are complementary and competitive vis‐à‐vis […] Lire la suite

Articles avec comité de lecture

The ecosystem of peatland research: a bibliometric analysis

Peatlands provide a range of services to societies, such as sequestration of organic carbon, biodiversity protection, attenuation of water flow, and the provision of fuel, wood and fruit, among others. Despite their global importance, no study has yet characterised peatland research on a global scale. This study aims at providing a better understanding of the […] Lire la suite

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Who are the acknowledgees? An analysis of gender and academic status

Acknowledgements found in scholarly papers allow for credit attribution of nonauthor contributors. As such, they are associated with a different kind of recognition than authorship. While several studies have shown that social factors affect authorship and citation practices, few analyses have been performed on acknowledgements. Based on 878,250 acknowledgees mentioned in 291,167 papers published between […] Lire la suite

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Measuring national self-referencing patterns of major science producers

This paper analyzes national self-referencing patterns (i.e. the tendency of researchers to cite from the same country) of six major science producers (China, France, Germany, Japan, UK, and USA). While the results highlight a continuing decline of national references (except for China), all countries’ referencing patterns remain heavily oriented towards national papers throughout the 1980–2017 […] Lire la suite

Articles avec comité de lecture

On the topicality and research impact of special issues

The publication of special issues constitute an important yet underinvestigated phenomenon of scholarly communication. In an attempt to draw attention to the proliferation of special issues, Priem (2006) suggested that their commissioning has an underestimated opportunity cost, given the relative scarcity of publication space: by distorting the “marketplace for ideas” through the commanding of preselected […] Lire la suite