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The role of Web of Science publications in China’s tenure system

Tenure provides a permanent position to faculty in higher education institutions. In North America, it is granted to those who have established a record of excellence in research, teaching and services in a limited period. However, in China, research excellence (represented by the number of Web of Science publications) is highly weighted in the tenure […] Lire la suite


COVID-19: Where is the data?

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has led many to argue that scholarly communication and publishing is undergoing a revolution, in terms of not only the wider opening of access to research, but also the data underlying it. In this post Julien Larrègue, Philippe Vincent-Lamarre, Frédéric Lebaron, and Vincent Larivière, discuss findings from their study […] Lire la suite

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Une année intense pour la recherche scientifique

Le Devoir se penche sur l’année intense que la recherche scientifique a vécu avec l’arrivée de la pandémie de COVID-19. Vincent Larivière se prononce quant à lui sur l’essor de la science ouverte afin de mieux diffuser l’information scientifique. Lire la suite