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Portrait et défis de la recherche en français en contexte minoritaire au Canada

This content is not available in the selected language. Plusieurs études le montrent, l’anglais exerce une grande attraction dans le domaine des sciences. Il s’agit de la lingua franca des sciences, la langue qui permet aux chercheur-se-s provenant d’horizons linguistiques différents de se rencontrer, d’échanger et de diffuser leurs travaux. Les revues internationales de langue […] Read more

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Investigating the division of scientific labor using the Contributor Roles Taxonomy (CRediT)

This content is not available in the selected language. Contributorship statements were introduced by scholarly journals in the late 1990s to provide more details on the specific contributions made by authors to research papers. After more than a decade of idiosyncratic taxonomies by journals, a partnership between medical journals and standards organizations has led to […] Read more

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The institutionalized stratification of the Chinese higher education system

This content is not available in the selected language. To promote research excellence, China’s government has been offering substantial financial support for a small group of selected universities through three national research programs (Project 211, Project 985, Double First Class). However, admission to these programs may not be completely merit based. Based on a statistical […] Read more

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Interdisciplinary Patterns of Highly Cited Papers: An Analysis from Disciplinary Perspective

This content is not available in the selected language. Previous research indicated that highly cited papers’ interdisciplinary patterns exhibit higher variety, lower balance and lower disparity. This paper challenges those finding, and compares the variety, balance and disparity of all papers published in 2000, categorized into six percentile-rank classes of citation rates. Our results demonstrate […] Read more

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Classifications of science and their effects on bibliometric evaluations

This content is not available in the selected language. Disciplinary classification of science is essential to bibliometric analyses. Given the conceptual and technical difficulties in classifying individual papers into disciplines and specialties, most classifications systems are implemented at the journal level, which affects the classification of papers published in multidisciplinary journals. In order to investigate […] Read more