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Engineering a gender bias

March 22 2017 Gita Ghiasi

Female researchers cite their own work less than men. If citations are the currency of science, women are being short-changed. In 2015, a Canadian team found female researchers in engineering tend to publish in more influential journals, but their work is less cited. Now, the same team is preparing to publish evidence that women across […] Read more


Table ronde « Les défis du big data »

December 1 2016

This content is not available in the selected language. L’enregistrement audio de la table ronde « Les défis du big data » organisée par la Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les transformations de la communication savante est maintenant disponible sur notre site internet. AVEC LA PARTICIPATION DE Jean-Guy Prévost (UQAM, CIRST) La marginalisation des statistiques publiques […] Read more


Contributorship, author’s seniority and division of labor in science

May 22 2016 Adèle Paul-Hus / Benoît Macaluso / Cassidy R. Sugimoto / Nadine Desrochers / Philippe Mongeon / Vincent Larivière

Drawing on a comprehensive and multidisciplinary dataset of contributorship statements of more than 87,000 scientific papers, Larivière, Desrochers, Macaluso, Mongeon, Paul-Hus et Sugimoto (2016) bring to light a clear distinction between technical and conceptual contributions: While conceptual tasks are typically associated with authors with higher seniority, technical tasks are more often performed by younger scholars. Results of this study, to be published in Social Studies of Science, […] Read more